The Council has had a busy year – This report is a summary of the activities that the Council has undertaken over the last year, April 2007 to March 2008.


The Councillors remain the same as Cllrs Hales, Fryer, Smith, Pierson and Haworth continue to serve.


Karen Parnell remains our Clerk to the Council. Karen is studying towards the Degree in Local Policy and Community Development with the University of Gloucester.


The Council has continued to meet every two months on a Tuesday evening. Meetings commence at
7.30 pm. Cllrs Kim James and Brian Slaughter have regularly attended meetings, and imparted knowledge and advice. Cllrs Peter Barnes and Daren Pemberton have attended some meetings and contributed.

The Council meetings are open to the public, but over the year very few members of the public have attended.

What have we done?

In September 2007 the parish council obtained Quality Parish Status, for the first time.

Village maintenance has been continually reviewed and assessed.

We were granted £ 5000 from Awards for all to build our own website – which is now up and running.
We also bought two laptop computers, and software to improve our newsletter.

We are looking at ways of improving the villages flood defenses.

We are still looking at the possibility of resurfacing the section of the A46 just outside the village, to reduce traffic noise to residents, as well as other traffic calming measures.

We are seeking to introduce a Lengthsman scheme within the village.

We again won an award in the best kept village competition, and will enter again next year.


The Council commented on the following applications:
Two storey extension, garage and front porch for Lodge View – No objections – Granted with conditions.
Demolition of flat roofed area, erection of two two storey extensions for Midway – Support – Granted with conditions.
Construction of car sheds and stables for The Barns – Object, request referral to committee- Withdrawn.
Open sided canopy for Fish Inn – Support – Granted with conditions.
Various extensions to Moor Hall Farm – Support – Granted with conditions.
Outside catering and seating area for Fish Inn – Request referral to committee – Refused.
Construction of car sheds and stables for The Barns, satellite dish – Object –

For the year 2006-07 Wixford received an unqualified audit return from the external auditor.

Karen Parnell is the Responsible Financial Officer to the Council.

The precept was set in November 2007 at £ 5000.

The budget has been set for 2008 – 2009

The Council reviewed its Financial Regulations, Risk Assessment and Fixed Asset Register at the January 2008 meeting.

Statement of Accounts

31 March 2006 31 March 2007 31 March 2008
Balances brought forward 2649 4175 10863
Annual precept 4500 4500 5000
Total other receipts 54 5207 907
Staff costs 1405 1439 1995
Loan interest / Capital repayments NIL NIL NIL
Total other payments 1623 1580 7116
Balances brought forwards 4175 10863 7659
Total cash and investments 4175 10863 7659
Total fixed assets and long term assets 1120 1120 2920
Total borrowings NIL NIL NIL

Communication with Parishioners

It is very important that the Parish Council communicates well with the Parish. Over the last year the Parish Council has done this in the following ways:

Public participation in meetings.

Regularly updated information on the notice board and Website, including agendas for meetings.

Newsletters published at least four times a year.

The Clerk’s postal address, e mail address and telephone number are publicised on the noticeboard and on newsletters, as are the Councillor’s.

Councillors Details: Telephone: E Mail:
Cllr Colin Hales 01789 772343
Cllr Jack Fryer
Cllr Matthew Smith 01789 490488
Cllr Chris Pierson 01789 490842
Cllr Jon Haworth 01789 772732
Clerks Details:
Karen Parnell 01789 292968

Your Council and Clerk are here to help. Do not hesitate to contact us.


Colin Hales

Chairman – Wixford Parish Council

8th April, 2008