Chairman's Report - Chairman's report 2011


The Council has had a busy year - This report is a summary of the activities that the Council has undertaken over the last year, April 2011 to March 2012.


Your Councillors remain as Cllrs Angela Ballard, Jack Fryer, Colin Hales, Jon Haworth and Mark Sullens.
Jack Fryer was re-appointed Chairman in May 2011 and Colin Hales Vice Chairman.
Karen Parnell continues in her role of Clerk to the Council


The Council has continued to meet every other month usually on the second Tuesday of the month (actual dates are posted on the notice board and website). Our meetings are well supported by District Councillors Kim James, Maurice Howse and Daren Pemberton and by County Councillor Peter Barnes who attend regularly and impart knowledge and advice.

The council meetings are open to the public and provide an opportunity to ask questions on any issue relating to the village and generally to find out what is going on in the area. We look forward to more people from the village making use of this facility in the future.

What have we done?

Village maintenance has been assessed continuously and a number of projects are underway or have been completed. These have included the clearance of debris and old tree branches and stumps from the Hay brook to reduce the chances of flooding in the village ( we used a Stratford SDC grant for this ) and the planned painting of the phone box. Highway maintenance issues are frequently assessed and the parish council has a good and communicative relationship with the district and county councils.

Traffic calming remains an issue the council is committed to address. We have facilitated a speed visor for a six month period which is now in place, as well as continuing to liaise with the county council on the Speedaware programme. We have access to the temporary speed visor on rotation with other parishes, as well as posters around the village on speed reduction. The County Council has now put the speed limit signage in correct locations so prosecution for speeding offences can now be enabled.

The village hall is important to village life and we fully support the village hall committee in their efforts to upgrade the building and promote activities which utilize it more fully.

We have continued to use the website, notice board and newsletter to communicate activities within the village


We have assessed and provided local input on a number of planning applications and made representations to the SDC planning committee regarding the Moor Hall applications.
Recently we have made an input to the SDC Core Strategy on behalf of Wixford; this will lay a framework for planning for the next fifteen years

All planning applications are on the PC and SDC websites


For the year 2010-11 Wixford received an unqualified audit return from the external auditor

Karen Parnell is the Responsible Financial Officer to the Council.

The precept was set in November 2011 at 5500.

The budget has been set for 2012 - 2013

The Council reviewed its Financial Regulations, Risk Assessment and Fixed Asset Register at the January 2012 meeting.

Statement of Accounts is available from the clerk.

Communication with Parishioners

It is very important that the Parish Council communicates well with the Parish. Over the last year the Parish Council has done this in the following ways:

Public participation in meetings

Regularly updated information on the notice board and Website, including agendas for meetings: The website is the most up to date communication from the parish council and community forums and police newsletters are added as soon as the information becomes available, as are planning decisions.

Newsletters published at least four times a year. Cllr Jon Haworth does an excellent job as Editor and the professional looking publication promotes many local activities and news stories. Input is sought from residents prior to publication.

The Clerk?s postal address, e mail address and telephone number are publicised on the noticeboard and on newsletters, as are the Councillor?s.

Councillors Details: Telephone: E Mail:
Cllr Colin Hales 01789 772343
Cllr Jack Fryer
Cllr Angela Ballard 01789 490254
Cllr Mark Sullens
Cllr Jon Haworth 01789 772732
Clerks Details:
Karen Parnell 01789 292968

Your Council and Clerk are here to help. Do not hesitate to contact us.
Signed: Jack Fryer Chairman - Wixford Parish Council

27th March, 2012